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Why the right countertops are important

Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, countertops serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose.

They take up a lot of space, are highly visible and are often a focal point, coordinating with the other elements of the room. They can make or break a space.

Countertops also keep us organized and provide work and storage areas, as well as sometimes even a dining space.

Choosing countertop type

What kind of feeling do you want to impart? How much use does your kitchen get? There are many colors, textures, and materials from which to choose.

These include stone; it's also important to ask yourself about your lifestyle because some are more porous than others. One of the most commonly seen is quartz, which is extremely hard and non-porous. This makes it hygienic and easy to clean.

Granite is hard and heat resistant, and gives the luxurious, opulent feeling of a palace or 5-star bathroom, as does marble. Marble, however, is porous, so it will need sealing.

Concreteis sleek and modern with a lot of design options and colors. You can even embed stone, glass, or other materials for a personalized, even more, glamorous look. It's durable, heat resistant, and, if it is sealed, totally stain resistant.

Other materials include laminate, solid surfacing, butcher block, concrete, soapstone, or stainless steel.

Professional countertop installation

Installation should be done professionally, as countertops are a major investment and are often the center of attention in a room, even more so than cabinets or vanities.

Many, especially stone, solid, and concrete, will require fabrication and tile setting. Fabrication is a manufacturing process that involves cutting, bending, and assembly to transform a slab into the desired item, here being countertops.

Posh Floors offers a wide variety of materials for your needs, both indoors and out, whether you’re looking to replace your floors, update your kitchen or install a stylish new patio or deck.

We offer a range of services from installations to tile settings; every one of us has over 10 years of experience.