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How to find the best quality hardwood

Hardwood floors, whether you select solid or engineered, are beautiful but there are certain considerations you should take to be sure you’re getting the best quality.

Thickness matters in both hardwood types

Solid wood ranges from 5/16 to ¾-inch thick. Engineered wood flooring should be no thinner than ⅝-inch, but some go as high as ¾-inch.

Since engineered is layered, it’s important also to consider that number. There should at least be three layers, but some have many more.

Be sure to ask about thickness because it will affect how many times the floor can be refinished and sanded; for solid, up to five or six, and for engineered up to four or five.

Also look at plank width and length, which is a matter of personal preference and style. Solid planks tend to be narrower and engineered planks wider.

Do you have a preference for hardwood installation techniques?

Unless the amateur is highly skilled, solid will require professional installation which has a limited technique. There is first a tongue and groove installation and then the edges must be nailed down.

Engineered has more options. There's a click-and-lock mechanism that's similar to solid but needs no nails or glue since it can simply "float" over an existing subfloor. If you do want to add extra attaching, it can be glued as well as nailed.

Solid, because of its moisture issues, should not be installed over concrete. Engineered fares better with moisture, so it can.

Decide on a style for your Bee Caves home

Both have a range of species to choose from, but the most popular ones are in the oak, maple, walnut, cherry, and hickory categories. Both hardwood styles have the same easy maintenance requirements.

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